About David

David Hyte has been around volleyball for almost two decades. And it all started because he didn’t want to take a second year of P.E. in high school. Born and raised in Las Vegas, David graduated from Green Valley High School where he won a state championship as a senior. After graduation, he enrolled at Utah Valley University (formerly known as UVSC) and played on their men’s team for two years. At UVU, he was a part of their only National Championship team in 2001. David then transfered to Brigham Young University (BYU) in 2002 and was a part of the NCAA Finals runner-up team in 2003 and NCAA National Champions team in 2004. After graduation, David thought he was done with volleyball. However in 2007, the BYU Women’s team head coach asked him to help out. 2007 team went on to finish in the Elite 8 of the NCAA Tournament. It was then, David wanted to coach volleyball permanently. After being a Volunteer assistant at BYU in 2007, David took a position as the volunteer assistant in the spring at the University of Utah and helped coach a group of girls that made it to the sweet 16. David became the top assistant coach at Idaho State in the fall of 2008. David has learned volleyball and coaching from the best. Tom Peterson to Carl McGown (Gold Medal Square). And from Jason Watson to Beth Launiere. Even though, he tried out for the volleyball team just so he didn’t have to take a physical education class, David lucked out and learned from the best volleyball minds in the game.
Coach David knows what success looks like. Winning the championship at every level — High School State, Club, and NCAA Division 1. For over 15 years as a college coach, camp coach, and player, David knows how to teach and train your athletes to compete at the highest levels needed to succeed.

By dave1002

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